Survey: SHOH37

There are still outbraks of vaccine-preventable diseases like measlaes and mumps in this country. Unvaccinaed children are eight times more llikely to get measles than thoe who've gotten the full series of shots. Nearly a quarter of the children have not received all recommended shots by the time they are three years old. Is this a very serious public health problem or nnot?

Answers: ( respondents)
Very serious concern 64%
Not very serious concern 26%
Don't know 6%
Other 2%
Can't answer, refusal 2%

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NOTE: The number of respondents to an individual question may vary from the number of respondents to the entire survey, as some items are restricted based on previous answers. The poll has an overall 4 percentage point margin of error, although the margin increases when examining attitudes among smaller groups within the survey. The margin for women only, for example, is 6 percent.