Survey: SHOH33

On a different topic, I'd like to ask you some questions about men and women. You may recall that male passengers on the Titanic agreed to give up their places on the life boats for women and children. If there were a similar life-or-death situation today, do you think men should be expected to die and allow women to live or is this an old-fashioned idea?

Answers: ( respondents)
Men shuld be expected to die 51%
It's an old-fashioned idea 33%
Don't know 11%
Other response 5%

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NOTE: The number of respondents to an individual question may vary from the number of respondents to the entire survey, as some items are restricted based on previous answers. The poll has an overall 4 percentage point margin of error, although the margin increases when examining attitudes among smaller groups within the survey. The margin for women only, for example, is 6 percent.