Survey: SHOH30

I'd like to ask a few questions about vaccinations that children get to protect them from diseases like polio, mumps and measles. Most states require kids to receive up top 10 different vaccinations by the time they are five yeara old. Soem parents and researchers say vaccines have side effects that may led to autism, asthma, diabetes, atention deficit disorder and other medical problems. Have you heard about these concerns?

Answers: ( respondents)
Yes, have heard 65%
No, have not heard 33%
Other 1%
Can't answer. refusal 1%

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NOTE: The number of respondents to an individual question may vary from the number of respondents to the entire survey, as some items are restricted based on previous answers. The poll has an overall 4 percentage point margin of error, although the margin increases when examining attitudes among smaller groups within the survey. The margin for women only, for example, is 6 percent.