Survey: SHOH18

Here are several suggestions on how to improve traffic congestion. Which of these seems most likely to you: Traffic congestion would get better if there were better roads and highways; congestion would get better if public transportation was improved; or traffic congestion is only going to get worse no matter what we do?

Answers: ( respondents)
1 Better with upgraded roads 26%
2 Better with public transportation 32%
3 Will get worse regardless 39%
4 Don't Know 3%
5 Other Response 0%

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NOTE: The number of respondents to an individual question may vary from the number of respondents to the entire survey, as some items are restricted based on previous answers. The poll has an overall 4 percentage point margin of error, although the margin increases when examining attitudes among smaller groups within the survey. The margin for women only, for example, is 6 percent.