• a searchable database of questions (and the responses to the questions) asked during the surveys
  • a topics list (using a keyword thesaurus), which will be expanded as new surveys are conducted and previously conducted surveys are added to the database
  • results listed in the order of most to least recent
  • a list of related questions for each question selected and retrieved
  • downloadable data sets (in *.sav and *.sps SPSS formats), allowing researchers and journalists access to files that can then be re-analyzed according to particular interests and concerns provides two types of SPSS files for downloading. The *.sps format provides all weighting information. The *.sav format provides easy-to-access cross-tabulation optioins.

To download an SPSS file, click on the file to download. The data will appear in the browser window. Click on "file" and then "save as." Give the file a name and either the sav or sps extension, depending on the format you are downloading. These files can then be opened in the SPSS program.